Following in the footsteps of a long legacy of talented musicians to come out of Australia, electronic producer Zeal offers a fresh sound with a nostalgic vibe. Although Zeal has been releasing tracks for the past few years, “Tomorrow” displays a shift from his earlier productions. Zeal produced the instrumental after going to see Porter Robinson and Madeon perform on their worldwide Shelter Live tour several years back. Zeal then consciously chose to pair his fresh beats with the tight lyrical flow of rapper Paintriip and accent it with the rich ethereal vocal stylings of solo artist Yohanna. Seamlessly combining deep basslines with chilled-out trap beats and elements of old school hip-hop, pop, R&B, and experimental electronica, “Tomorrow” showcases the evolution of Zeal’s music production. In support of his musical passage, the talented producer recently cut off his long hair to compliment the maturation of his sound. With a plethora of upcoming releases planned in the near future, it will be exciting to watch the progress of this ingenious producer’s already promising future.


“‘Tomorrow’ started as a 3 AM beat I wrote two years ago after getting home from seeing Shelter Live. It was very simple the idea but the emotion behind it was strong. I had just gotten home and wanted to write even though I was tired. The rest of the song came all very naturally, I think it might’ve been instrumentally one of the quickest songs I’ve written, by the end of the week I’d had a demo version of the full structure of the song and I was hunting for a rapper to work on it with. After a little bit of searching, I found Paintriiip on Reddit and through that he introduced me to Yohanna who joined the song. This song started a great friendship between Paintriiip and I and I feel extremely privileged to release this song as the meaning behind it is very deep through this connection.” – Zeal


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