Sleeping Lion and Evangelia team up to bring us a thoughtfully serene masterpiece in their “Windowseat,” out today, Thursday, October 25. The New York based singer and LA based electronic duo take listeners on a wondrous, emotional trip.

Past the luminous melodies and transcendent soundscapes, “Windowseat” comes as a heartstring pulling feat. Evangelia croons about the strange familiarities that come with returning home. Nate Flaks of Sleeping Lion explains it as “It’s easy to say you’re not looking back but a lot harder when confronted by people you used to really care about.”

A wondrous celebration of sound, “Windowseat” takes the best from both sides: magnificent production techniques from Sleeping Lion, and loving, powerful vocals from Evangelia.

Be sure to check out the collaboration below, and catch Sleeping Lion at the Hotel Cafe in LA, October 26, and Evangelia at Bowery Electric in New York on November 1.

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