Your new favorite indie-electronic duo just dropped your new favorite song. Sleeping Lion dropped their newest “How We Know (feat. Cass Miller)” today, August 17.

If you haven’t heard of Sleeping Lion yet, you must be sleeping on some truly fantastic indie-electro music. The LA-based duo released their breathtaking new track “How We Know (feat. Cass Miller)” for everyone to enjoy. Featuring sweeping melodies and lush vocals from Cass Miller, the LA-based duo pull in listeners quickly on this track, and keep them captivated throughout. A true indie-electro masterwork, “How We Know (feat. Cass Miller)” beckons to be listened to.

Check out Sleeping Lion’s newest below, and make sure to keep your eye on the budding LA-duo. This is an indie sound you’re not going to want to sleep on.

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