Previously known as Nodaway, Singer Songwriter/Producer Chris Jobe produces contemporary pop music that finds inspiration in a variety of different genres spanning from jazz to indie music.  Chris separates himself from the pack with a unique, sleek, sarcastically-happy pop style that is sure to captivate many. 

In October 2017, he released his self-produced debut single “Thank You Internet”, a track that highlights the comparisons we make over our disconnected-social media-connections. The immersive vertical video was released on February 28th via Facebook’s own official Music page and features cameos from Jobe’s friends and family. It follows Jobe on a scrolling mobile journey through different forms of social media – another jab at how we live in the modern age. Watch the video below!

About The Author


“When music hits you feel no pain”. Lover of all things techno, house, and good vibes.