Bass fans, prepare yourselves. Very soon there may be an unlikely collaboration from funkmaster GRiZ and REZZ, the eerie electro-sorceress. 

Just a few days ago, the All Good Record’s DJ/producer posted a highly suspicious tweet to Mau5trap’s young queen about “a huge favor.” REZZ eagerly agreed to give it a listen, and we’re hoping this means business. While the duo have not previously collaborated, can you imagine the possibilities? 

GRiZ admitted, “it’s not exactly what you might expect,” but that’s exactly what makes this possible collaboration so exciting! You’d be hard pressed to find an EDM fan who doesn’t love GRiZ’s funky beats and humanitarian soul. Combined that with the incredibly heavy, almost other-worldly stylings of the upcoming bass goddess. We’re in for a treat, to say the least. Check out the tweets.