Since the commercialization of airplanes, the world\’s most popular musicians like Bob Dylan, Metallica, Aerosmith and countless more have traveled to different corners of the planet to share their music. That was in the 20th century when EDM had yet to become the next big thing.

In the 21st century which we live in today, electronic dance music is at its (still-ascending) peak and it has never been easier to fly from one end of the globe to the other.

That being said, have you ever wondered who holds the title for most traveled musician of all time?

Yes? Say no more, cuz Travelbird has gathered travel records on top of travel records to figure out who exactly that might be.

The crown goes to none other than EDM\’s god father, Tiësto.

Since 1994, the legend among legends has traveled approximately 1.5 million miles. That sums up to about 62.53 rotations around the world and 6.52 trips to the moon.

Insane right?

What\’s that you say? You\’re wondering who the runner up is? We thought you\’d ask.

It\’s Paul van Dyk. Van Dyk has traveled 1.4 million miles since his debut in 1990; his record isn\’t too far away from Tiësto, as the German producer\’s travel distance amounts to 57.95 circulations of the planet and 6.04 stops to Earth\’s natural satellite.

Tiësto and van Dyk have flown about two hundred thousand and one hundred thousand miles respectively in the last 12 months, and you and I both know that those numbers are only going to increase as EDM continues to dominate the global music scene with more tours and new residencies.

Check the snapshot below to see who else is on the bill for most traveled musician of all time.

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