I’ve been covering music festivals and shows for over a year now and out of every festival I’ve had the pleasure of attending – SubOctave Music Festival was hands down my favorite festival of 2016. A loving, heady crowd, fantastic music which was handpicked to fit SubOctave’s experimentally bass heavy style, fun and interactive games and workshops – the list goes on and on.

My favorite aspect of this festival is not only the music but also the venue. A secluded valley in Minnesota which is surrounded by hills and tall trees makes for the most beautiful sunrises that I\’ve seen throughout my years as a festival-goer. Open skies that allow the moonlight to illuminate the festival grounds once the sun has set and the bass gets brutal. Not only is this festival extremely well ran but it is also such an amazing experience to be immersed in while the Suboctave name is still fresh and homegrown.

Last year this festival only went on for two days – however it only took two days for me to fall in love with it. THIS year the owners of Suboctave extended their lineup by an additional day which turns this already addictive festival into a cannot miss experience for every basshead across North America. Last year the lineup consisted of Minnesota b2b G Jones, Space Jesus, Indigo Child, Jantsen & Dirt Monkey, KJ Sawka vs Ill Gates, and so many more that captured the hearts of every fortunate attendee there.


I considered myself lucky to be able to experience this festival at such a young point within its rapidly expanding name. The Phase 1 lineup drops in February so be sure to keep your eyes open to see what this festival has in store. Party MetaZoa Productions has once again stepped up to the plate to deliver an exceptional festival that has every SubOctave family member eagerly awaiting its gates to open.


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