Trap and electro producer and DJ Getter shared some unreleased tracks with his fans. Uploading them to Soundcloud, Getter\’s songs are material rejected for inclusion on his recent EP Wat the Frick. Songs include \”Phantom of tha Opera,\” \”Love Me No More,\”and \”Tourettes Squad.\”

Chilled-out and with a decided hip hop vibe, \”Phantom of tha Opera\” is as much of a trap song as \”Love Me No More.\” The latter track has more of an electro influence, however. \”Tourettes Squad\” is chopped up and favors dubstep over the trap genre of the other two songs. Out of three, it\’s the strongest selection and even includes some random swearing for humorous effect.

Getter\’s recent EP was released on the OWSLA label. The 23 year old producer recently wrapped up a tour that saw many special guests joining him on stage, including Skrillex and Marshmello.

Listen to the three tracks below:

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