It’s been quite the year for The Chainsmokers. Everything from their hit single, “Closer,” to their performance at the VMA’s, and now they’re teasing all 5 million+ fans with the announcement of a new ep. They’ve been a pair of busy bees however they certainly aren’t letting all that success make them lazy. In 2015 they released their first ep, \”Bouquet,\” which included their double-platinum hit, “Roses,” and now they’re back at it like some music-making addicts.

If you’re jumping out of your pants with excitement and just cannot wait for some new Chainsmokers tunes then have no fear, the release is near! Kind of. You can mosey your way on over to their website and do your part to make sure that you’re up-to-date on when the ep will be released. All you have to do is like their playlist on Spotify called, “Nice Hair,” and if enough people like it then they’ll release the album artwork; so far it’s 45% the way to fully being released.

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