If you like your electronic music a little (lot) more heavy and dirty, today is a great day for you. Dubstep powerhouse duo Pegboard Nerds and Vomitstep creator Snails have combined forces and released ‘Deep in the Night’; another heater added onto the bass wizards’ resume (big surprise). The tune shines its light on the fluidity and dynamicity of Pegboard Nerds’ production talents and shares the spotlight when Snails frees the vomit and unleashes chaos unto listener’s ears. It’s no surprise how profoundly the producers have blended their individuality, which goes to show the depth in musical understanding and talent both groups possess, thus making us fans hope for more future collaborations by these original heavy hitters.

Pegboard Nerds will be joining Seven Lions this fall on his North American tour, and Snails will hit the road as well co-headlining the infamous bass-o-maniac festival, Safe In Sound. If you have been fortunate enough to experience the dubstep jedi’s live, you know you don’t want to miss their tour stops. But if you haven’t yet been showered with their raging sound waves, these next few months are the time to unveil your ears to their bass bazookas!
In the meantime, don’t forget to check out their tour dates and collaborative banger, ‘Deep in the Night’!

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