There’s no stopping for The Chainsmokers.


It’s always nice to hear that an electronic dance music song has been enlisted on the Billboard Hot 100, not necessarily because it means it is an exceptionally phenomenal edm tune, but more so because it proves that the magic of this genre is reaching out to broader masses. But if the track that joins the prestigious ranks climaxes to the top #1 spot, and the last time this happened was over 3 years ago, the excitement and pride is not so easy to contain.

The Chainsmokers’ recently released single, ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey has done just that, reshaping the music industry since it was last quaked by Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ in 2013. Following its first tease during the Chainsmokers’ Coachella set this past April, audiences throughout the globe erupted in demand for the well-anticipated “biggest tune” the Chainsmokers have produced to date. So when the time finally came for listeners to enrich their ears upon the harmonics of the Chainsmokers’ very own Drew Taggart and universally praised Halsey, they sure did show their support seeing that ‘Closer’ peaked to the No.1 spot in a matter of 3 weeks. Noting the fact that ‘Closer’ debuted into the number 9 spot the first week of its release, it may be a couple (or a dozen) weeks till we see the sad love story pass on the spotlight.

To read more about ‘Closer’ dominating the charts, click here. If you have yet to dip your ears into the emotional sensation that is ‘Closer’, check out their official lyric video.