If you\’re reading this, it\’s too late. It\’s festival season, a beautiful time when thousands of music lovers travel to festivals like EDC Las Vegas or Sonic Bloom to have the time of their lives, but in order to do that they have to survive. Deaths at music festivals are always tragedies because they can be prevented most of the time. A great way to avoid drug complications is abstinence but there are ways to enjoy the weekend while also being responsible to your health.

Recently an article from Live Science consulted many experts to find out the best ways to stay safe and healthy at music festivals. Here are the top five things to remember.


Hydration is key because many substances such as alcohol exacerbate the effects of dehydration. Drinking water is always the move!

4. Mind Your Electrolytes

While drinking water is very important, it does not replenish important electrolytes, like sodium or potassium, and electrolytes imbalances can affect the heart. Eat a banana or a potato, Potassium is an electrolyte that helps regulate the rhythm of a person\’s heart.

3. Take A Break

Dr. Ihsan Salloum, a psychiatrist at the University of Miami\’s Miller School of Medicine, says \”A combination of heat, dehydration and drug use can begin to break down muscles in the body (a condition known as rhabdomyolysis).\” AKA Don\’t wear yourself out, listen to your body.

2. Ask for Help If Needed

There are specific warning signs that could indicate that someone is not okay. If someone stops sweating when he or she should normally sweat, that\’s a suggestion that that person\’s body temperature is too high. Salloum added, \” if you are concerned with a friend\’s mental status, see if he or she can carry out a conversation. Confusion is also a major sign.\”

1. Be A Good Friend

Look out for your homies! But also the rest of the people at the fest, we are all homies in this little world.


Source: Live Science

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