While most tracks nowadays focus on the drop or getting sweaty ravers wearing little clothing to jump, Justin Paul\’s new track aims to take us back. And we mean way back. Back to when the music was the only thing that mattered and when house music was only just on the horizon.

As the first single off of Paul\’s upcoming album \’Physical\’, the track provides its listeners with a cool futuristic disco sound that screams of New York Fashion Week afterparties. Mark Richardson\’s (aka THE MODEL) vocals, combined with the calm and chilly synthesizers that Justin Paul has become known for make this track the perfect throwback to the beginnings of electronic music. This specific \”Remodel Mix\” is much more alert and builds more aggressively than the album version, making it quite the hypnotic track that leaves you never wanting it to end.

Justin Paul has previously appeared on stage along with Deadmau5, The Prodigy, Air, and others, and is the co-founder of the Underground Sol label. Check out the track below and let us know what you think.


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