In order to avoid all the drama Soundcloud experienced over unlicensed remixes, Apple Music has partnered with Dubset Media Holdings to allow the streaming of unlicensed remixes and DJ mixes without any copyright issues.  This is a massive move by Apple considering many up and coming electronic musicians remix their favorite artist\’s tracks without official permission.

Apple\’s new partner, Dubset, will utilize a program called MixBank to analyze remixes and DJ mixes to identify specific tracks, which will allow them to pay the record labels or music publishers involved with that track.

According to the CEO of Dubset, this technology is incredibly important considering a single mix could require payments to 30 different record labels. As of right now, Dubset has agreements with over 14,000 labels and publishers which will be a tremendous help in the process of payments.

Apple\’s new partnership with Dubset is getting the money to the right hands so the listener can experience the freshest music, which may not always be licensed. With this new development, Apple Music listeners should be ready for a lot more remixes and DJ mixes streamed from the music platform.

Source: Billboard