Have you heard of Space Jesus yet?

Space Jesus is an up and coming artist. He has a hip-hop, bass, futuristic and trippy feel to him that radiates in all his music. He has gone to big festivals and is going on tour to promote his new album, \’Close Encounters\’.

Soundcloud: Space Jesus

Hear \’Close Encounter\’ here first

I had the chance to interview him at his premier party in New York:


How did you get the name \”Space Jesus\” did you always have the long hair or..?

I always kinda had long hair. When I was growing up, I would grow my hair, shave it off, grow my hair shave it off over and over again but it didn\’t have to do with my hair. I usually make up a story on how I got the name because there isn\’t a specific reason why I chose the name. I just thought it was fun.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. I went to school there, moved to Philly for a bit and then moved to New York. I just moved to Boulder Colorado recently.

I thought that you are Brooklyn-based?

Well yeah, this is still my home base. The majority of my friends and family are right around this area and it still feels like home to me. Right now Boulder to me is new. What\’s really cool about this party is that it\’s the record release party for the new album \”Close Encounters\” that came out today. All those songs were created when I started living in Brooklyn. This is the first album where I\’m not like \”Hey I\’m going to make music and put it on album\”; this is when I said that I was going to work on a full length album while I\’m in Brooklyn to encapsulate my time here.

How long did the album take to finish?

The whole process was around 2 years. I was writing a lot of other music between that time but there were songs that I said \”This needs to go on Close Encounters\”.

What did you did differently in this album than in the past?

I have written albums before but I have never been like, \”This is a full project that I am proud of\” in this way; I was very careful creating this album.

What song stands out to you in this album?

I mean, all the songs on this album stood out to me which is why they were put on this album. There are a few tracks that are on the more experimental side that I wouldn\’t even play in a set, like \”Granpa was a Grey\” and \”Exit 53\”, which is 55 BPM. This album helped me experiment things I normally wouldn\’t do.

In the Future who would you wanna collaborate with?

Liquid Stranger, check him out.

What music festival did you like performing in most this year?

Shambhala Music festival in Canada was amazing. It was the best festival I\’ve been to. The people working there and the people there were incredible, there were a lot of positive vibes and there was no thread of negativity. Number 2 was Mysteryland. I asked my brother was at that set and I asked him how it went and he said it was the best I have played. It\’s hard for me to tell while I\’m on stage.

Mysteryland put a lot of limelight on you

Yeah I guess they liked what I was doing. They were really cool about everything. I was surprised myself that they featured me that much.


In the future, where would you want to perform next?

I would love to play in Symbiosis. Honestly, every opportunity I get I treat it as the best opportunity I\’ve gotten. I\’m happy with every opportunity that is given to me.

One last question, it\’s going to be a random question…what is your spirit animal?

Usually I\’m a fish but early in the morning I think It\’s a deer.


Afterwards, I stayed for his show and he killed it! Here\’s a video:


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