500 or more ravers earlier this week entered an abandoned Cityscape site in Holbor, London for a 36 hour \”incredibly powerful\” rave.

London Police said that this was the ravers second option since they were compelled to leave their first location in Fenchurch. Unfortunately for the police  they had to grant the hard partiers sanctuary as breaking it up would cause too much chaos.

The London Police stated, \”We had to shut down the main rave earlier so officers had been deployed there, but as if often the case with these raves, the organizers have a number of locations to fall back to. Most of the time you don\’t know where it is until minutes before, so it is very hard to act fast enough to prevent them from occurring, which can only happen if you get there ahead of time.\”

\”If you have more than 500 people inside, then you have to make a judgment call about how to proceed – it is a balancing act taking into consideration the safety of people inside.\”

A completely understandable and frankly reasonable response, but I doubt the American police would have the same delicate disposition on the matter.