On October 11th, there was an unfortunate death at Skrillex\’s show in Gurgaon,India. This show concluded his first-ever India tour.

23-year-old Aanchal Arora (a student of the Institute of Apparel Management) passed out in the middle of Skrillexs\’ show while dancing. She was immediately sent to the hospital by the organizers; once she got to the hospital she was declared dead.

the post-mortem report said she suffered a cardiac arrest due to suffocation. One of her friends who accompanied her is reportedly still critical…. According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (DLF) Ramesh Pal, Arora\’s death may have been the direct result of overcrowding at the venue.

Aurora did not show previous health problems before coming to the concert, the police blame the death on the organizers of the show. The show may have been oversold, which caused overcrowding, thus suffocation. Sources claim that this show was expecting 5,000 people, but instead had 10,000 people at the show.

Overcrowding and suffocation is something that many people experience during concerts and festivals. It is important that you find a safe haven if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or light headed. Always take care of the people around you and don\’t stay quiet if see see a fellow person look sick, take them to first aid right away!


Source: Huffington Post

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