This Friday, October 2, Loudpvck will be preforming at the Aragon Ballroom; alongside Flux Pavilion and Brillz. The men behind the music, Kenny and Ryan were able to share their personal opinions on some of the things we all wonder. Their intelligent and inspiring words will guide those who are actively seeking a light of success in the music industry.


Loudpvck has performed numerous shows in the city of Chicago, most notably the Mid for Trap vs Juke, and Aragon Ballroom last year. According to Kenny, it his “favorite city to play” The type of environment and crowd that Chicago has to offer, makes it such an amazing place to play. Especially, “with your best friend.”


Over 6 years of working with each other on a casual basis, the two have been into the business “hardcore” for the past 3 years. They have learned to discuss any issues that may arise between them immediately. “We learn to keep it 100, all the time,” stated Kenny in regards to his friendship and business relationship with his friend Ryan. “We focus on the main goal (which is music).”


A question we all want to know is how did the name Loudpvck come to be? The artists spoke about their fond memories during their early years as DJs and would always joke about funny names all the time. They came up with Loudpvck on day when the idea of a Google search only specific to them came into mind. The DJs said that they wanted someone to Google them and to immediately discover who they were.


Throughout the years of working together,  Loudpvck has changed the way the sound of their music comes across to their audience. “Artists that we are… like to inject different sounds and different genres of sounds to our music. We want to make as many sounds and influences as quick as we can. We put things out the way we feel them. We don’t have a reason to not keep moving.” We can look forward to the dynamic-duo releasing collaborations with NGHTMRE, DJ SoySauce and many others in the near future.


Kenny and Ryan also helped their fans out by aiding them with suggestions for the upcoming artist. Both Kenny and Ryan have attended music school. Ryan states, “having a basic knowledge in music theory is super valuable.” He acclaimed that the knowledge is like learning a language and growing that language.” Kenny tells his fans to pay attention to the social media and especially to your peers. “If you have something that a lot of your friends like, just put yourself out there on the line and on social media to make people pay attention to your music.


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