Infected Mushroom is back! After being on tour since their release of the \’Friend\’s On Mushroom\’s EP\’, they have now announced a new album called \’Converting Vegetarians II\’. The name comes from their previous album in 2003 which was obviously called \’Converting Vegetarians\’. The album is slated to release on September 25th, but they have already given a taste of what the album is going to sound like by releasing a single.

The single is called \”Fields of Gray\” featuring the vocals of Sasha Grey. Just for confirmation it is the Sasha Grey you are thinking of. She doesn\’t have lead vocals in the song but more of the distorted voice throughout the song. The song has the Infected Mushroom sound that we all know and love. The LP will consist of 15 songs and you will recieve \”Fields of Grey\” as an instant download through iTunes. You can check out the track list will be posted right below the stream to the new song!

1. She Zoremet
2. Yamakas in Space
3. Sense of Direction
4. Animatronica
5. Feelings
6. Pink Froid
7. Demons of Pain
8. Zoan Zound
9. Blue Swan 5
10. Fields of Grey (feat. Sasha Grey)
11. Leopold
12. On the Road Again
13. Stuck in a Loop
14. Mexicali
15. The Surgeon





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