It is now more frequent in the industry for big time artists to collaborate with electronic music producers.  It makes sense when you factor in the huge expansion of the EDM industry. One new example is Martin Garrix allegedly restyling the Weeknd\’s \’Can\’t Feel My Face\’The Weeknd is widely known for pleasing his fans with emotional R&B so reworking his pieces might not be easy. Fortunately, Martin Garrix decided to accept the challenge.

The video below shows Martin playing at Digital Dreams Festival in Toronto, Canada where he debuts the remix. As the video progresses you may recognize a deep bass with a danceable melody, all intertwined with Weeknd\’s glorious voice. It is said that the remix isn\’t finalized as far as production goes, so it can change from we hear in the video. With that said, if this is just in the early stages, I think the final version will be nothing less than amazing.

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