On Sunday May 17th, UK duo The Prototypes will release their \’City Of Gold\’ debut LP on Viper Recordings.

The physical release packs 14 strong Drum & Bass tunes, where you will find 4 additional bonus tracks on the digital release.

The album kicks off with the clearly Pendulum inspired titel track \’City Of Gold\’. The dark vocal intro leads us deep into the jungle before we get hit with an instrumental DnB smasher. \’Pop It Off\’ is up next. The track, featuring Mad Hed City, did great in the charts and keeps the energy flowing. Ayak lends her powerful vocals to a track that\’s all about survival: \’Under\’.

The 2014 instrumental track \’Lights\’ is taken to the next level by upgrading it to \’Kill The Silence\’ by Ayah Marar. \’Abyss\’ also get an upgrade to a 2015 version and now packs an even meaner punch. Time to catch a breath with the slowed down \’Edge Of Tomorrow,\’ which is also the perfect lead-in to \’Fallen\’ featuring Donae\’o, before we gear up again for \’Pale Blue Dot\’. This crowd-pleaser is a DnB extravaganza from start to finish.

Uplifting tracks \’Is It Love\’ featuring Laconic and \’Don\’t Let Me Go\’ featuring Amy Pearson are both perfect for the upcoming festival season, so prepare yourself to hear those a lot. After a short instrumental break with \’The Journey Continues,\’ we get treated to heavy hitter \’Redose\’. Populair singles \’Humanoid\’ and \’Slip Away\’ close the deal.

The album perfectly shows us what these guys are capable of and I can\’t wait to hear what they have in store for us next. 10/10 from me.

01. City Of Gold
02. Pop It Off (feat. Mad Hed City)
03. Under (feat. Ayak)
04. Kill The Silence (feat. Ayah Marar)
05. Abyss 2015
06. Edge Of Tomorrow
07. Fallen (feat. Donae\’o)
08. Pale Blue Dot
09. Is It Love (feat. Laconic)
10. Don\’t Let Me Go (feat. Amy Pearson)
11. The Journey Continues
12. Redose
13. Humanoid
14. Slip Away

Digital bonus tracks:
15. City Of Gold (Extended Mix) (iTunes Exclusive)*
16. Don\’t Let Me Go (Big Top Mix)
17. Moscow
18. City Of Gold mixed by The Prototypes (Continuous Album Mix)
*Beatport Exclusive Version includes \’Edge of Tomorrow (DnB Mix)\’

Out now on Beatport.

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