Dirty South is still in the midst of preparing listeners for what has been called quite the emotional experience. His upcoming album, \”With You\” is set to be released on November 4th, and joining the already-released tracks of \”Unbreakable,\” \”Tunnel Vision,\” and \”With You\” is the sentimental tune \”Freefallin\” that will, despite the title, have you feeling like you\’re floating.

Premiered on SiriusXM Radio last night, this song, which features Gita Lake, is now being offered as a free download. Yes? Yes. Thank you, Dragan.

Stream \”Freefallin\” below:

Don\’t forget to pre-order the album here. And in case you forgot, \”With You\” is not just an album; it\’s also a short film, which is already available for purchase. As mentioned before, one is not meant to be experienced without the other.

So…handle that.

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