On the more soulful side of dance music lies Seattle-based ODESZA. This duo has been up front when it comes to futuristic sound, chill beats, and feel-good vibes. After finding even more success with remixing Pretty Lights\’ Lost and Found, Harrison and Clayton have taken their production to the next step; it\’s time for a full length album. It\’s almost time for \”In Return.\”

This September, we’ll release In Return on Counter Records (a Ninja Tune imprint). It’s the first time we’ll be pressing a release to vinyl (180g 2xLP) and CD, and making it available in 24-bit WAV. Pre-order here to get an instant download of the new track “Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)”, \”Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)\”, and a full download of the album a few days before the September 9th, 2014 official release date. Thank you for all your support!

After announcing their album, they put out an unheard track from the forthcoming record itself. Memories That You Call is nothing short of a spirit-lifting tune. With chopped up atmospheric vocals from Monsoonsiren, this track should get you pumped for the release of this album.

Also, if you missed ODESZA\’s summer anthem Sun Models, lend me your ears. We have now found out that this track will also be in the upcoming album. Even though this was released nearly half a year ago during the frigid Chicago winter, this track screams warm summer vibes; it\’s also one of my alarm clocks in the morning. Check this one out and pick it up as a free download on their SoundCloud.

Aside from the new track and album announcement, here are a few dates when you can catch ODESZA do their thing.


Notice that they\’re coming to Chicago on Sunday, July 27th. This show will take place at Wicker Park Fest and tickets are only a measly 5 dollars, which is donated to the Wicker Park community to keep coming back each year. This show is not to be missed; ODESZA plays from 8:30 – 10:00 PM at the South Stage on North Avenue and Milwaukee.

Oh, the feels. The wait is on for \”In Return\” and its September 9th release date.

Pre-order the album here.

 ODESZA – \”In Return\” Tracklist

1. Always This Late (2:40)

2. Say My Name (featuring Zyra) (4:22)

3. Bloom (3:15)

4. All We Need (featuring Shy Girls) (3:31)

5. Sundara (2:16)

6. White Lies (featuring Jenni Potts) (4:37)

7. Kusanagi (3:28)

8. Echoes (featuring Py) (4:24)

9. It\’s Only (featuring Zyra) (4:28)

10. Koto (3:14)

11. Memories That You Call (featuring Monsoonsiren) (4:08)

12. Sun Models (featuring Madelyn Grant) (2:40)

13. For Us (featuring Briana Marela) (5:49)

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