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by: Bren Miranda

Virtual Riot Shocks & Awes With Future Bass EP, “Still Kids”

If what comes to mind when you hear the name Virtual Riot is fast-paced, energetic dubstep, perhaps this latest release...
by: Ryan Castillo

Datsik, Excision Reunite For Bone Crushing Dubstep Collab \”Redemption\”

Datsik has reunited with long time comrade and partner-in-filth Excision for "Redemption." the newest single from his Sensei EP. The star studded collab comes chopped full...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Police Shut Down MELTDOWN Bass Event In Detroit

At any event, regardless of the type, it is vital that there is an understanding between law enforcement and organizers regarding...
jvst say yes
by: Bryan Gorecki

JVST SAY YES is Taking Over Bass House

Hands down one of the biggest names coming up is mystery artist JVST SAY YES! They've been steadily releasing banging remixes...
by: Zach

Virtual Riot – Mr. Mittens Groove

The production skills of Valentin Brunn a.k.a. Virtual Riot continue to amaze anyone who listens. He is currently sitting at...
by: Zach

Razihel & Virtual Riot – One For All, All For One

There are so many good artists out there that it is hard to keep track. Whether it's a remix or...
by: Zach

Helicopter Showdown – Hacker Crap & Cali Born ft. Virtual Riot

"ffuuu....". That is all I was able to utter when I first heard the preview to "Hacker Crap". That's about...