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by: Pedro Suarez

UZ reveals identity and debut album “Layers”

UZ has unveiled himself as ALIAS DJ TROUBL and has released his debut album "Layers". The French artist is supported by...
by: Sean Roberts

UZ- Aggressively bringing trap to the forefront of EDM

UZ has made a great case for being the busiest person in the music industry during July.  The masked persona ended...
by: Sean Roberts

Mad Decent Block Party is coming back to Chicago

Mad Decent Block Party is a touring festival featuring some of the best new artists in EDM and rap.  The...
by: Sean Roberts

UZ\’s Trap Shit series comes to a close

UZ is both a pioneer and an enigma in trap music.  Entering the sphere of trap in 2012 around the...
by: Zach

UZ Is Back With Unearthly Remix for Five Knives\’ \”Sugar\”

The elusive producer that explosively emerged onto the trap scene two years ago returns with one of his most unique...
by: Courtney

ƱZ drops Trap Sh!t 17/20

ƱZ drops his newest installment of Trap Sh!t tracks 17-20, these four tracks loose all of the fluff and get...
by: Sydney

UZ x Clicks & Whistles – Bull Dozer

Who is UZ? No one knows. There's a ton of speculation, but no real answers. All we know for sure...