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by: Pedro Suarez

Trance Arena: A New Beginning For Trance in Chicago (Event Review)

Chicago is the home of house music, but is it the home of trance? Apparently this may be the case...
by: Jalen Rice

Deadmau5 Reveals Sick Visuals For Future Tour

The past 24 hours have been very busy for EDMs favorite mouse. In between tag teaming Glenn Morrison with Madeon...
by: Ryan Castillo

Trance is key to healthier test tube babies, according to scientific research

Researchers at Altravita IVF clinic in Moscow have found that trance may be the missing ingredient when it comes to helping...
by: teechoi

Seven Lions does it again with new collaboration “Higher Love” (Listen)

It's a remarkable phenomenon when subgenres of electronic music seamlessly blend, and our friend with the majestic mane Jeff Montalvo,...
by: Jalen Rice

Eric Prydz Drops New Cirez D Tracks

One of our favorite Swedish producers is balling out this year, and is only continuing to impress as 2016 draws...
by: Sean Wolfe

Listen: Above & Beyond\’s 200th Group Therapy show

Trance music legends Above & Beyond performed their Group Therapy show at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome for 17,000 fans. This installment...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Exclusive Interview With Progressive House Producer ARTY

Russian-born producer ARTY has been leaving his mark on dance floors around the globe since 2009. He was discovered by trance legends Above &...
by: Ivy

Insomniacs DreamState goes to Brooklyn

DreamState was in California last year, but this year they are having DreamState in New York! This festival is for...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Above & Beyond Releases Preview Of Acoustic II Album

It’s been two years since Above & Beyond have gifted their fans with another acoustic album. To hold us over...

Chicago\’s Own OZMTZ Goes Deep With \”Forbidden Fruit\”

Chicago is constantly blessed with a range of diverse talent, and OZMTZ definitely qualifies. His usual style blends trance, progressive house,...
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