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by: Pedro Suarez

Top 10 Must-See Acts at Euphoria 2017

Euphoria Music & Camping Festival is coming up April 6 - 9, 2017, taking place at the Carson Creek Ranch...
by: Jalen Rice

The Top 100 Producers of 2016 Has Been Announced

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Another "TOP 'ENTER NUMBER HERE'" list to further validate your liking DJ Heavy Beatzzz over DJ Banger...
by: Pedro Suarez

Top 10 Artists to Watch at BPM Festival

In celebration of BPM Festival's 10th anniversary, I put together a list of the top 10 artists to watch in...
by: Bren Miranda

Top 10 DJs to Look For at This Year\’s Spring Awakening Music Festival

With over 75 artists and over 8 stages, this year's Spring Awakening Music Festival will be loaded with tons of...
by: Molly Sheban

Here are the Top 10 Shazamed Dance Tracks of 2015

2015 was a huge year for dance music. Between Pendulum coming off their hiatus, deadmau5 leaving social media, and Kill...
by: Gianna Giralamo

Ten Times You Can Relate to Borgore

Sure international EDM artist, Borgore, lives a luxurious life that many of us probably envy. However, famous people are human...
coachella kygo 2015
by: EDM Chicago Staff

The 5 Best Sets from Coachella 2015 (Weekend 1)

Coachella weekend one has come and gone, but the music lives on. Thanks to Coachella's live stream and the folks at Sirius XM,...
by: Christian Lucas

Top 10 Songs From Skrillex

From the screamo band lead singer to dubstep icon, Sonny Moore aka "Skrillex" has found success in every avenue he...
by: Peter Rubinstein

Top 10 Artists To Look Out For In 2015

2014 has been hands-down one of the most interesting years in electronic music. We've seen the rise and fall of trends,...
by: Peter Rubinstein

Deep House Takes Beatport Charts By Storm

Yesterday, Beatport released their 2014 charts for top artists, tracks, and genres for the year. In the Top 20 Tracks...
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