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by: Molly Sheban

Exclusive Interview with Rezz

Isabelle Rezazadeh, better know as Rezz, is a 22-year-old badass taking the electronic world by storm. Rezz combines dark influences with...
by: Ryan Castillo

Feed Me set to join Deadmau5 on tour

"lots of shows in a row" tour is now officially 20 days out! Coming off his most recent deadmau5 LP...
by: Jalen Rice

Deadmau5 Releases Video Of The New Cube 2.1

With the "lots of shows in a row" tour about to kick up in full steam, a lot of Mau5...
by: Ryan Castillo

deadmau5 releases unlikely new album ‘stuff i used to do’ (Free Download)

In a message sent to his mailing list today, Joel Zimmerman offered up his latest album 'stuff i used to do,' available for...
by: Ryan Castillo

REZZ\’s \”Impact\” Mixtape Showcases her Artistic Evolution

Fresh off the release of REZZ‘s  Something Wrong Here EP, the young bass music prodigy has had the recent honor...
by: Kimberlyanne Tan

Why I Love REZZ and Her New EP (Listen Here)

If you don't know who REZZ is, it's certainly time to acquaint yourself with her. Isabelle Rezazadeh, or REZZ, is...
by: Pedro Suarez

Deadmau5 releases Strobe Remix Pack

The 10-minute masterpiece from deadmau5, “Strobe” is so iconic and ubiquitous in electronic music that to most, it’s an anthem....
by: Molly Sheban

Mau5trap Posts Mysterious Video Hinting at New deadmau5

Between avidly posting videos of goats on Instagram and participating in various Twitter feuds, deadmau5 has somehow managed to stay...
by: Ryan Castillo


In an incredibly unsurprising yet ironic move, deadmau5 has proven that artistry will always be shackled by the throes of capitalism. Joel Zimmerman is going...
by: Ryan Castillo

REZZ gives Deadmau5 a heavy bass ReVision

If ever there was a time that dance music needed more strong female powerhouses, it is now. And now is...
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