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by: Pedro Suarez

Inside Maek: Chicago’s Innovative & Eclectic New Label

Maek is the electronic music collective you should be watching, as this up-and-coming label from Chicago strives to make its...
by: Pedro Suarez

Maek label features diverse artists in mixtape (Listen)

Chicago's own Maek music label has seen tremendous success, boasting a collective of 30 artists across in 20 countries. The...
by: Bren Miranda

Martin Garrix Announces Label Deal With Sony Music & Release Date of Next Single

There's no doubt that Martin Garrix is crushing it lately, and his closer at Tomorrowland 2016 was just another indicator...
by: Bren Miranda

Martin Garrix Releases Teaser for New Single Alongside Label Announcement

Following his departure from label-giant Spinnin' Records and his release of house track "Bouncy Bob", many Garrix fans were wondering...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Martin Garrix Withdraws Lawsuit and Settles With Spinnin\’ Records

It's been a few months since Martin Garrix announced his separation from Spinnin' Records. Last month, the Dutch DJ/producer took his...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Martin Garrix Announces Starting His Own Label

After cutting ties with Spinnin' Records this past August, a lot of questions have been raised about what Martin Garrix is going...
by: Bren Miranda

Tchami Announces New Record Label, \”CONFESSION\”, & Upcoming EP

Tchami, who many consider the godfather of what is now considered "future house", has announced that he will be launching...
by: Peter Rubinstein

16 Year Old Runs His Own Label

In case your self-confidence was feeling a little too high today, we've got the perfect story to bring you back...
by: Mike

Kaskade To Start His Own Independent Label \’Arkade\’

Kaskade has just announced over his blog that he will be starting up an independent label called 'Arkade'. Kaskade's goal is...