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damon albarn
by: Molly Sheban

Damon Albarn Says he ‘Edited Out’ Trump References in New Gorillaz Album

"When anyone made any reference, I edited it out", says Damon Albarn From the glimpses we have received into Gorillaz...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Deadmau5 Responds To President Trump\’s Immigration Ban

After announcing the order to suspend the refugee program and temporarily ban immigration from several Muslim nations, President Trump has...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Moby Declines Invitation To Perform At Trump Inauguration

After months of trying to secure top performers to welcome him into the White House, Donald Trump has decided to...
by: Molly Sheban

Trump Announces Absolutely Garbage Lineup for Inaugural Ball

Surprise! No one wants to play at Trump's inaugural ball. It's almost like déjà vu: Donald Trump had a hard...
by: teechoi

Kanye West announces 2024 Presidential run after meeting with Donald Trump

Remember when Kanye West announced at the 2015 VMAs that he was going to run for President in 2020? West even said...
by: Molly Sheban

No One Wants to Perform at Donald Trump\’s Inauguration

Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and "possibly" Garth Brooks top his shortlist. Ah, the inaugural ball. A time where the most...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Review: GRiZ Brings Good Will Prevail Tour To Chicago\’s Navy Pier

As the clock struck 9:15pm and the room went dark, all 12,000 of us cheered for what would be one...
by: Molly Sheban

deadmau5 Pokes Fun at America with New Tour Dates

See you in the blue states, Joel. Donald Trump will be America's 45th president, and it looks like deadmau5 is...
by: Pedro Suarez

EDM reacts to Donald Trump election

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States. After a tumultuous battle filled with...
by: Jalen Rice

Jauz Throws Down With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

This Halloween, Insomniac's Escape had a special feature from two of your favorite presidential candidates on the main stage. Donnie...
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