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by: Jalen Rice

Coachella Is Suing Urban Outfitters

Well, first off I'd start by saying whatever poor soul went to Urban Outfitters to get anything other than dad...
by: Molly Sheban

Lady Gaga to Replace Beyoncé at Coachella 2017

Officials are finalizing plans to bring Lady Gaga's massive stage production to Coachella Lady Gaga will headline both weekends of...
by: Pedro Suarez

Rihanna & Chance The Rapper rumored to replace Beyonce at Coachella

Update: Lady Gaga to replace Beyonce at Coachella After Beyonce announced she would not be performing at Coachella due to...
by: Molly Sheban

Beyoncé Will Not Perform at Coachella 2017

Queen B will perform at Coachella 2018 Beyoncé will not perform her headlining slot at Coachella 2017 due to her...
by: Molly Sheban

1 Million Coachella User Accounts Being Sold on Dark Web

Over 950,000 Coachella user accounts are up for sale on the dark web Vice's own Motherboard website released a startling...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Coachella & Bonnaroo Organizers To Host Colorado Festival

For about half a decade, entertainment industry mogul Chuck Morris of AEG Live Rocky Mountains has been involved in the...
by: Ryan Castillo

Check out the World\’s Most Popular Music Festivals in 2016

The staff at Music Festival Wizard have recently crunched the data from 5.7 million music festival fans to determine the most popular...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Porter Robinson Reveals Plans For New Music In 2017

For the better half of fall 2016, Porter Robinson and Madeon embarked on their critically-acclaimed Shelter Live tour. After announcing...
by: Molly Sheban

Creepy Craigslist Ad Offers Free Coachella Pass to Willing Travel Companion

A free ticket is a free right...right? If you missed out on purchasing Coachella tickets this year, fret no more!...
by: Jalen Rice

Coachella 2017 Sells Out In 3 Hours

This year the hype for one of the world's most renown festivals was real. With 125,000 slots to sell at...
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