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"Alpha Love"
by: Pedro Suarez

The Aston Shuffle Release Vocal House track “Alpha Love” (Listen)

Fresh off releasing their club track "Birthman"  with fellow Australian group LO'99, The Aston Shuffle are back with their release...
Gianni blu
by: Pedro Suarez

Gianni Blu talks Chicago roots and future aspirations (Interview)

Fresh off releasing his latest single, "Right Amount of Wrong", Chicago native Gianni Blu is building his name in the...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Tourists Transform Airbnb Into Neighborhood Nightclub

It’s not often you find a nightclub in the peaceful abyss of suburbia. A group of tourists in North London...
by: Kimberlyanne Tan

London\’s Fabric Is Reopening Under New Conditions

London's Fabric lost their license and closed in September following two drug related deaths of eighteen year old attendees. Many artists protested...
by: Pedro Suarez

Design Company Creates Inflatable Rave Cave

What if you could have a portable venue and use it to rave anywhere you’d like? This is what Swiss...
by: Pedro Suarez

London nightclub Fabric officially shuts down

It’s a sad day for lovers of electronic music and nightclubs. Legendary London club Fabric is closing down after yesterday’s...
by: Pedro Suarez

Take a look inside Burning Man\’s airplane nightclub

It’s no secret that the installations at Burning Man are highly innovative and creative. The festival in Black Rock, Nevada,...
by: Pedro Suarez

Iconic London nightclub Fabric at risk of shutting down

London nightclub Fabric is currently closed indefinitely after two teenagers died there within two months due to drug overdoses. The...
by: Harry Levin

27 Dead, Dozens More Injured In Bucharest Club Fire

Tragedy struck Bucharest, Romania this evening when Colectiv club burst into flames, causing 27 deaths and dozens more injuries. 155 people...
by: Peter Rubinstein

\’The Axis of Awesome\’ Tells It Like It Is

If you've ever been to a nightclub, you know firsthand that it can be a breeding ground for uncomfortable situations,...
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