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by: Pedro Suarez

Wiz Khalifa remixes The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” (Listen)

Wiz Khalifa has dropped his take on The Chainsmokers' massive hit, "Closer". The track is a vocal mix that adds...
by: teechoi

Wiz Khalifa performs unexpected remix of ‘Closer’ at Okeechobee Fest (Watch)

The Chainsmokers saw an exorbitant amount of success with their mega hit collaboration with Halsey, 'Closer', in 2016. But you...
by: Kimberlyanne Tan

The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Halsey Get Steamy In “Closer” Music Video (Watch)

After The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart and Halsey's steamy performance of "Closer" at the VMAs, they’re back with a music video...
by: Jalen Rice

Reddit Calls Out The Chainsmokers…Again

As if on cue, The Chainsmokers have rolled their way into the EDM spotlight...for the wrong reasons...again... Back in September...
by: Austin Allen

The Chainsmokers Tease Fans with new EP

It’s been quite the year for The Chainsmokers. Everything from their hit single, “Closer,” to their performance at the VMA’s,...
by: Molly Sheban

The Chainsmokers’ VMA Performance ‘Sounded like shit’, Here’s Why

It seems like no matter where you turn, some song by The Chainsmokers is playing in the background. Drew Taggart...
by: teechoi

The Chainsmokers step onto the big stage at the VMA’s

The Chainsmokers performed their #1 single, ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey, last night at the VMA’s. With Andrew Taggart leading with the...
the chainsmokers closer 2016
by: teechoi

‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers dominates the hot 100

There’s no stopping for The Chainsmokers.   It’s always nice to hear that an electronic dance music song has been...
by: Cameron Anthony

New Release: Element – Closer

This epic instrumental by Element is sure to strike you some type of way. Combining popular future bass style sounds...
by: Alexandra

Devault Releases “Closer” & “Right With You”

I must say, having the pleasure of knowing a talent such as Devault is incredible. Not only has he sky-rocketed...