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pemberton cancelled
by: Molly Sheban

Pemberton Music Festival 2017 Cancelled

Pemberton 2016 Pemberton Music Festival 2017 has been canceled. After decreased ticket sales and increased operating losses, PMF was forced...
by: Molly Sheban

Deadmau5 Announces 2017 Tour \’Lots of Shows in a Row\’

Deadmau5 is returning to the US in March for a 3-month long tour. With the release of W:/2016ALBUM/, deadmau5 has...
by: Molly Sheban

deadmau5 Pokes Fun at America with New Tour Dates

See you in the blue states, Joel. Donald Trump will be America's 45th president, and it looks like deadmau5 is...
by: Molly Sheban

Duke Dumont Walks off Stage after Fans Spit & Throw Drinks at Him

Duke Dumont walked off stage during his performance in Edmonton, the capital of Canada's Alberta province. It seems as if...
deadmau5 veld 2016 new stage
by: EDM Chicago Staff

deadmau5 Debuts New Cube Stage at Veld Festival

This past weekend, deadmau5 brought his new updated "cube" stage design to Veld Music Festival in his hometown Toronto, Canada. Reportedly the...
by: Corinne Hanshaw

Exclusive Interview With REZZ

It's not easy to make a name for yourself in a genre that is already saturated with tons of extremely...
by: Pedro Acosta

Excision Urges Young Canadians to Vote

Put your X up for voting. Recently the bass magician out of Canada urged his young fans to do away...
chasing summer festival
by: Pedro Acosta

Chasing Summer Festival Causes 17 Hospitalizations

Western Canada's biggest electronic festival landed 17 concert goers in a Calgary hospital due to alcohol and drug abuse throughout...
by: AJ Scott

Jack Ü Cancels Full Express Date Due to Weather

Unfortunately, last night Calgary received some unexpected news.  The Full Flex Express tour had been canceled for Calgary. The tour...
by: Sabrina Huerta

Video: Savant Destroys Laptop During Show

January 10th 2015, Norwegian music producer "Savant" got fed up with blue crashing screens and completely destroyed his laptop on...