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by: Bren Miranda

Freaky Deaky Reportedly Moving To Milwaukee For 2017 Festival

It's no secret that people have aired their distaste for React Presents over the past few years, but this new...
pemberton cancelled
by: Molly Sheban

Pemberton Music Festival 2017 Cancelled

Pemberton 2016 Pemberton Music Festival 2017 has been canceled. After decreased ticket sales and increased operating losses, PMF was forced...
by: Bren Miranda

Skrillex Detained in Hollywood for Loud Music

Well, this is quite the surprise. It seems that Skrillex found himself in some trouble with Hollywood police last night...
by: Bren Miranda

Ultra Music Festival Drops Stacked Phase 2 Lineup for 2017

Back for its 19th year, Ultra Music Festival is pulling out all the stops and has just released it's ridiculously...
by: Molly Sheban

[Breaking] Disclosure Taking Indefinite Hiatus

Disclosure are taking an indefinite hiatus, but they promise a return Guy and Howard Lawrence (Disclosure) sprung into the limelight with...
by: Bren Miranda

Insomniac Events Announces EDC UK Cancellation for 2017

Just a month following the cancellation of EDC New York, Insomniac Events has officially announced the cancellation of EDC UK....
by: Bren Miranda

Ultra Music Festival Drops 2017 Phase 1 Lineup

Despite being months until the event, Ultra Music Festival has officially begun to roll out the lineup for their upcoming...
by: Bren Miranda

Spring Awakening Reportedly Not Being Held At Jackson Park

Just two months ago, we reported that this year's Spring Awakening Music Festival will be held in Chicago's Jackson Park,...
by: Bren Miranda

[BREAKING] Spring Awakening 2016 To Be Held in Jackson Park

After spending the past 3 years in the heart of Chicago at Soldier Field, Spring Awakening 2016 will make a...
by: Bren Miranda

Martin Garrix Takes Head of Spinnin\’ Records To Court

Just a few months ago, Martin Garrix publicly announced that he will no longer be partnered with Spinnin' Records, and...
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