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pemberton cancelled
by: Molly Sheban

Pemberton Music Festival 2017 Cancelled

Pemberton 2016 Pemberton Music Festival 2017 has been canceled. After decreased ticket sales and increased operating losses, PMF was forced...
by: Kimberlyanne Tan

SFX Entertainment Undergo Reorganization Plan

After declaring bankruptcy in February, SFX Entertainment has created a reorganization plan and will undergo major changes. Founder and CEO of...
by: Harry Levin

SFX Required To Pay Artists Full Rate In Advance

SFX can't seem to catch a break. After a tumultuous Tomorrowworld 2015, filing for bankruptcy and auctioning off several significant...
by: Ryan Castillo

Is SFX Just \”Too Big To Fail\”?

With SFX filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, which virtually wiped away $300 million in their outstanding debt, it seems...
by: Ryan Castillo

Don\’t Believe the SFX Rumor Mill, TomorrowWorld is Happening

Yesterday, the EDM blogs (our own publication included) were busy riddling the interwebs with rumors that TomorrowWorld was in danger of...
by: Molly Sheban

TomorrowWorld May be in Serious Trouble

February 1st marks a big (and depressing day) for SFX -- an EDM promoter run by Robert F. X. Sillerman....
by: Corinne Hanshaw

SFX Entertainment Receives $20 Million in New Financing

It appears that the saying "no news is good news" is accurate for event company, SFX Entertainment. After being out...