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by: Jon

Bottom 100 DJs, A DJ Mag Parody – Winners Announced

Enough with top 100 lists. They don’t do anyone justice. So why not create a bottom 100 DJs list? That’s...
by: Magda

What Happens When Skrillex and Diplo Show Up To A House Party

Ever wonder what it would be like to party with Skrillex and Diplo? Well one lucky crew in Austin got...
by: Tara Kerrigan

Steve Aoki Finds His Wings

Steve Aoki decided to channel his energy in a new way in honor of his new album Neon Future. The...
by: Amir

Friday Freebies: October 10th, 2014

We're back for our second installment of Friday Freebies. This week, we're focusing on a genre that has taken over the...
by: Mike

Hunter Finds TomorrowWorld Attendee Naked in a Creek

Music festivals come with some awesome experiences, unfortunately for this attendee his experience was not all that great. Although this...
by: John C

Paradigm Presents Halloween 2014: Event Preview and Ticket Giveaway

Paradigm Presents Halloween 2014. I am very excited to announce to our readers a special treat Paradigm Presents has in store...
by: Amir

Inspiring Video Captures A Girl Signing Gareth Emery\’s \”U\” To Her Deaf Friend

I've come to tell you that there is indeed hope for humanity! As the dance music world erupts with negativism...
by: Tara Kerrigan

Do You Know What Drugs You\’re Taking?

As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I stumbled across this documentary called "What's In My Baggie". I was...
by: Amir

Friday Freebies: October 3rd, 2014

Music is simply one of the finest mediums of art; some artists believe that it should be appreciated at no cost....
by: Bren Miranda

Deadmau5 Buys A Meowclaren After Dumping The Purrari

After a whole legal fiasco between Ferrari and deadmau5, along with the fact that deadmau5 simply didn't want it anymore,...
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