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by: Tara Kerrigan

Relive Your Summer With August’s Top 100 Bass Drops

Luckily, for all of you who want to relive this summer there has been a video released of the top...
by: John C

Chicago DTAD 3: [FOCUS] Workshops

Workshops The Third Article in the “Chicago: Deeper than a Drop” Series. By: John C. A Community United One of...
by: Tara Kerrigan

Festivals, P.L.U.R, & Bass Drops Mean More Than You Think

Contrary to belief EDM really isn't evil. Festivals and raves get a bad name due to the large amount of...
by: Bren

How The Apple Watch Could Possibly Benefit DJs

Last week, Apple held their yearly September conference where they showcased the latest generation iPhone, but most notably, the all-new...
by: Tara Kerrigan

Who’s the Hottest Young American EDM DJ Duo?

That would be the Chainsmokers. The New York City based duo rose to fame with their hit '#Selfie', but they...
by: John C

Attention Artists: Have your art featured at a Paradigm Event

Attention Artists: Would you like to have your artwork on display at a Paradigm Underground event? Paradigm Presents is looking for talented...
by: Tara Kerrigan

Festivals, Drugs, & How to be Safe

All of us festival-goers have all been a part of or seen someone being rushed into a medical tent because...
by: Tara Kerrigan

How Did Calvin Harris Become the Highest Paid Dj in the World?

Adam Wiles, better known as Calvin Harris, has a profound story that could inspire anyone. Less than 10 years ago...
by: Kathy

Super-Looper app let’s you become a producer

Amongst the various web apps that allow you to become an amateur producer is Super-Looper. Created by Universe Labs, the...
by: Amir

5 Acts You Should Check Out At North Coast Music Festival 2014

For the last few years, Labor Day Weekend has been blessed with one of Chicago's most anticipated end-of-summer events. North...
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