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by: Sophia

LUMBERJVCK Talks \”JVCKWOOD\”, Collabs & Snapchat

Having just released his darkly menacing four-track EP "JVCKWOOD" on Excision's Rottun Recordings, US-based LUMBERJVCK is bound to have flown...
by: Magda

Crizzly Talks Crunkstep, Dubstep, & Drake

Known for his innovative and downright dirty sets, Texas native Chris Lee Marshall a.k.a Crizzly- the creator of his trademark...
by: Mike

Cosmic Gate – Start To Feel Tour & Interview

I recently had the opportunity to have an Email interview with Cosmic Gate. If you aren't familiar with the duo,...
by: John C

Melodic Journey – An Interview with EDX

Following a recent tour through Australia and a North American tour earlier this year, international sensation Maurizio Colella, better known...
by: Amir

FuntCase: Going Behind the Mask (Interview)

"People aim in different ways in music for what they want out of music, so you get people that literally...
by: Kathy

The Sound of Burma: An Interview with Jason Ross

I recently had the opportunity to have a phone interview with Jason Ross, a producing DJ who talked with me...
by: Sydney

I Don\’t Always Dubstep, But When I Do, I Make Sure It\’s Dirty & Filthy & Grimy Never Say Die Records Dubstep

London's Never Say Die Records is one of those labels that when they bring on a new artist I'm already...
by: Sydney

DJ Zebo Interview: No Genre, Just Music

Is there anyone that Zebo hasn't shared the bill with in the great city of Chicago? If a big name...
by: Bren Miranda

Release + Exclusive Interview: Mell Tierra – Boomerang / Recipe / Soldiers EP

Hailing from the Netherlands, Mell Tierra has been producing and DJ'ing for a long time and is now getting the...
by: Sydney

GoodSex – supa-cali-frag-ill-istic-expi-ala DOPE SHIT

"I'm just a dude who wants to make you party …and party, too." I was so lucky to be able...
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