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by: teechoi

Okeechobee County Law Enforcement Confiscates Mass Load of Drugs at Okeechobee Fest

The prominence of drugs and a corresponding presence of law enforcement is a standard formula for music festivals nowadays. A...
by: Austin Allen

Bassnectar Drops Collaboration with G Jones at Okeechobee

If you inhabit this earth and have ears then you should know about Bassnectar. As Lorin gets ready for another...
by: teechoi

Wiz Khalifa performs unexpected remix of ‘Closer’ at Okeechobee Fest (Watch)

The Chainsmokers saw an exorbitant amount of success with their mega hit collaboration with Halsey, 'Closer', in 2016. But you...
Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival
by: Jason

A Day in the Life as an Okeechobee Pioneer

Greetings everyone! Let me just say- it has been one hot, sizzling minute since I have been able to write...
by: Ivy

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Review

Once festival season is over, concert goers cannot wait to get back into festival mode. While the season usually begins...
by: Ivy

Okeechobee announces line up

It seems that there are more and more festivals to anticipate for the next year. A promising festival is Okeechobee...
by: Bren Miranda

Pretty Lights Sends Fans USBs Filled With Unreleased Music

Speaking of cool things DJs do for their fans, Pretty Lights just hooked a few lucky fans with some tour...
by: Pedro Suarez

Porter Robinson revamps Worlds set (Watch)

The uniqueness of Porter Robinson's Worlds tour has catapulted the artist into critical acclaim. For those that have seen the light shows...
by: Ryan Castillo

Check out the World\’s Most Popular Music Festivals in 2016

The staff at Music Festival Wizard have recently crunched the data from 5.7 million music festival fans to determine the most popular...
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