If deadmau5 hasn\’t previously shown you that he just does not care, this may finally help you understand his lack of giving a crap.

This past weekend, deadmau5 performed at a Toronto house party. One eager (and uninvited) fan decided to sneak into the party to watch the show, and sometime during the night he lost his phone. Unfortunately for this fan, Joel does not mess around. That lost phone ended up being launched into the surrounding woods by pneumatic air cannon.

Yep, Joel does not care about your belongings.

The electronic music scene lovers in Toronto frequent a Facebook group called the Toronto Rave Community. deadmau5 himself is known to periodically pop up in the group from time to time. After the private party, Joel hit the Facebook group with this post:

\”It\’s about 500 yards into a forest. We shot it out of a pneumatic air cannon. Because thats what happens when you sneak into a private party without an invitation and try to pick a fight when you\’re asked to leave. Have a great day.\”


Hopefully this fan got some sense of closure, or at least a lesson about sneaking into deadmau5\’s parties.




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