In what seems like it\’s coming out of left field, Martin Garrix has announced that he has officially terminated his contracts with not only his management, but profound record label Spinnin\’ Records, who has undoubtedly supported Garrix throughout his entire career. Garrix released a quick statement via his Facebook page, and says that there was a disagreement regarding the \”reasonableness of the agreements\”, and that it will not be possible to \”bridge our different views with MusicAllstars Management B.V. and Spinnin Records B.V\”. Garrix also noted that he has tried to gain ownership of his music back from Spinnin\’ since early this year, and it seems that they weren\’t able to work with him regarding that. This isn\’t the first time we\’ve heard of music being held captive by labels, it seems this is occurring more often than not.

While no details have been released regarding the separation as of yet, it\’s possible to assume that the \”reasonableness\” could have to do with Garrix\’s pay, and the large take that both Spinnin\’ and management take. However, it\’s safe to say that Spinnin\’ just let go of their biggest artist right now, but it\’ll be interesting to see if Garrix\’s music takes a turn for the better, and if he\’ll be able to release some more previously unreleased music on different labels.

Check out Garrix\’s full statement below:

Due to rumours in the music industry I think it is necessary to inform everyone as follows.

It is correct that I recently nullified/terminated my agreements with MusicAllstars Management B.V. and Spinnin Records B.V.
There was a difference of opinion between us regarding the reasonableness of the agreements. Although I enjoyed working with the Spinnin and MAS team, it was not possible to bridge our different views with MusicAllstars Management B.V. and Spinnin Records B.V.

From the beginning of this year I tried to get back the ownership rights of my music from Spinnin Records and to keep my confidence in MAS. I am extremely disappointed that the discussions have not led to a change in the agreements or return of the ownership rights, and that is why I nullified them.
With that, I close this chapter. I trust that everyone respects that I would like to leave this behind me and that I prefer not to discuss this any further.

I am working on new tracks and have an exciting new project so hopefully I can share good news with you during Amsterdam Dance Event.

Thanks so much for all your amazing support and hope to see you soon!

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